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Our Best 2018 at Appalachia IU8

"Collaborating, within a learning community, can support the unique challenges of teaching in the virtual environment." World of Learning PD Goal
On New Year's we often stop to take stock of what is going well (what we want to keep doing) and what we want to get better at doing in the year ahead. I am grateful that in the short time I have worked at AIU8, with the World of Learning, we have had such amazing support! Collaborating does lead to meeting success in the virtual environment. So, for 2018, we hope to build on the great things that have been started and to share some of what makes our teachers successful.
Teaching and learning in a virtual environment has unique challenges: like navigating Canvas or signing into Zoom for the first time! In this post I would like to acknowledge and highlight a few of the people who help us navigate the sometimes tricky road to virtual learning. These folks and many more make the road to virtual learning fun and engaging:
Our AIU8 Su…

Getting Ready for 2018

World of Learning Weekly Digest December 29, 2017 We have a surprise!(A peek at our CLX/OER content)
We will be hosting an Open Campus Event on January 15th at Ferndale. by Pat Mulroy on December 29 Do you want to know more about free items that can be used right away? If so, join us on January 15th from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm for an introduction to our OER courses and content that are available. You can also join via Zoom to see our presentation and ask questions about how you can get started using the free CLX content right away! You might want to have the following to explore the content:
An account with OER Commons - find more at phone, tablet or laptop that can access the internetYour curiosity!

Contact me at for information on registering for this introductory event!
by ​Pat Mulroy on December 29

Thinks you can THINK

“Oh the Thinks you can Think!” Dr. Suess
In the 1970's Ted Geisel, as Dr. Seuss, brought new ideas to the world of beginning reading. At first few people paid attention to his children's books, they were different. Now, his books are as pervasive and ubiquitous in the introduction of reading to young children as the internet is in our everyday lives.

When I joined the IU8 to support a World of Learning I had previously worked with Blended Schools as the Language Institute Coordinator. The instruction I observed in the live classroom sessions of our Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Latin and Arabic teachers was engaging, lively and connected. It made me think! How can we support and apply this amazing, engaging experience to ALL learning and learners?

Our first opportunity to expand this concept came at Conemaugh Valley, then Windber Area School District supporting French and Spanish instruction. Taking concepts from Blended Schools Learning Institute we partnered with a teacher in th…


We are more than just World Languages! Providing PD and resources for teachers can help to expand the vision of your schools and classrooms! Through IU8 World of Learning Network meetings, your teachers can explore resources that are free, and easy to use. With virtual tools and resources teachers can build on their repertoire in a collaborative environment with other curious colleagues.
We have resources to share in Core, Elective and World Languages that are flexible enough to work in many platforms or used in the classroom.
2017-18 World of Learning Network Meetings(See all available dates)
Our next meeting:
Tuesday, November 21, 2017 Exploring Virtual Resources for Blended Learning Register Here IU8 Executive Office 4500 Sixth Avenue Altoona, PA

Learning Together

"It is never enough, it seems to me, to teach a child mere information." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
We just completed a three day learning event at IU8 that we called World of Learning Adventure. Teachers who have been a part of a the World Language Network at IU8 came together to learn about how to use virtual resources with the specific goals of “creating a variety of experiences for learners, exploring ways to engage learners, finding and sharing new resources, and to learn from each other.” We didn’t just talk about the content, we talked about really connecting with learners, going 'beyond information". It was awesome! It was aptly called an Adventure and was a good way to describe the journey we took.
The intensity that the teachers brought to this experience set the stage for a great three days. We began by introducing and expanded learning ecosystem that is at the center of Mass Customized Learning (Schwann and McGarvey). We explored Open Educational Resources (OER)

Wondering Together

Dr. Pat Mulroy, Appalachia IU8 May 30, 2017
Have you ever wondered how we learned to fly airplanes or cure diseases? Have you watched movies about people who figured out how to break codes and create computers? Amazing! The ideas of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have changed the way we live, work and communicate. Who dreamt of the internet? Cars? Refrigeration? So many of the miracles of modern medicine? Have you ever wondered why we can’t solve some problems - or haven’t yet? Who will be the trailblazers' the future? How will we support them?
So many people told inventors and dreamers that their task was impossible! I was that teacher once. I hope only once! The learner came back to me later in the year - proud to prove me wrong. I am thankful my words did not make that learner give up. Who believes that we will stand still? That cars won’t fly or the problems of world hunger can’t be solved? I hope not Educators. Or Parents or Politicians or Business Leaders!
Last year when we started …