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WOL What we Offer

World of Learning Institute: Customized Learning, Rigorous Experiences, Caring Adults
"The stranger sees only what he knows." — African proverb 

At World Of Learning we work with a group of people to provide offerings and opportunities that they don't have. We started with World Languages and expanded to core subjects and credit recovery. We build Open Education Resources, Customized Learning Experiences, and Professional Learning. We train teachers to build relationships in virtual environments for all areas of instruction and services so learners get what they need.

We start by building relationships. Our team works hard to support all learners. We model for our instructors how to engage with learners using effective practices for teaching in a virtual environment. In addition, our online mentors support our learners and instructors. They work to set goals and measure progress. They are our chief inspirers!

As a provider of course enrollments and professional learning we know it's important that we are flexible enough to match your learners’ schedule(s). So, we offer several types of schedules at a variety of prices to match your needs. We are flexible about scheduling, but we will not compromise when it comes to learning.

Every World of Learning Institute course includes LIVE instruction. We do this because we know it leads to better outcomes for learners. We hold learners to rigorous standards and provide the instruction needed to meet and exceed their goals.

Our live sessions provide learners with personalized active learning

Each of our courses includes live instruction. These sessions are an opportunity for learners to get personal attention. We train our instructors to lead engaging meetings that involve and empower learners to get excited about acquiring new skills and knowledge. You choose the amount of synchronous interaction by picking the package that fits your needs.

The World of Learning Institute team is committed to learner success
Our team works hard to support learners. We start by hiring only the best instructors. We train our instructors in effective practices for teaching in a virtual environment. In addition, our online mentors support our learners and instructors. They work to set goals and measure progress. They are our chief inspirers! The team also works with schools and guardians to build a network of support. In other programs, learners may fall through the cracks. We, at the World of Learning work with everyone to get learners past common pitfalls.

Schedule Types

We offer a variety of schedules to match your needs and budget.

Schedules Available for Any Course

Weekly Meetings
Weekly Live Session Time
Support outside of live class time
Engaged Live
8 or 16 weeks
50 minutes
Engaged Live More
8 or 16 weeks
2 - 3
100 - 150 minutes
Credit Recovery
6 weeks
45-90 minutes

World Language Dual Enrollment**
8 or 16 weeks
150 minutes
Seton Hill Instructors
Customized Schedules***
You Pick!
You Pick!
You Pick!
You Pick!

**Earn college credit from Seton Hill University in Chinese, Japanese and Arabic
***5 or more learners

Engage Live (One Scheduled Meeting)

Over 8 or 16 weeks, learners go through a semester of content. Each week, learners meet for up to 50 minutes in a live online session. The rest of the course is completed asynchronously. Language courses on this schedule are enriched with instructor-created video and authentic assessments. A World of Learning online mentor will provide personal support to learners.

Engaged More (Two or Three Scheduled Meetings)

This schedule includes the most live interaction of all of the schedules, ensuring learners have the opportunity to develop a close academic relationship with their instructor. Learners meet two to three times a week for a total of 90 - 120 minutes. The rest of the course is completed asynchronously over 8 or 16 weeks. A World of Learning online mentor will provide personal support to learners.


What a great opportunity to expose your learners to five different languages! This 8 week course offers introductions into Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, and German.  Learners will work asynchronously in each language for 1.5-2 weeks. While working on each language they will meet with a live instructor virtually to practice their newly acquired language skills.  This is a great elective opportunity for your learners to develop global citizenship knowledge in a short period of time by comparing various cultures and traditions.

Weekly Meetings
Weekly Live Session Time
Support outside of live class time
Engaged Live
8 weeks
1 per language (total of 5)
50 minutes

Customized Schedules

Need a unique schedule? Enrolling eight or more learners in the same course? We will tailor a schedule to meet your needs! Costs will be negotiated based on the services needed to support your schedule, but they will be comparable to similar schedules on this page.

Dual Enrollment Language Course Schedule
Our second language instructors are adjunct faculty at Seton Hill University. Learners may complete these courses as dual enrollment courses, allowing them to earn college credit. Learners in dual enrollment courses meet three times a week for a total of 150 minutes. The rest of the course is completed asynchronously over 8 or 16 weeks.

Course Offerings


Highlighted courses are not OER Yet

Professional Development

Help your teacher get comfortable using virtual tools! We have several options to let your teachers get exposure to tools, new and old, that can energize their instruction and connect them to their learners.

Weekly Live Session Time
Support outside of live class time
8 or 16 weeks
45 minutes
WOL Empowered Educator

8 or 16 weeks

1 live session or more/concept

45 minutes

*no live sessions included

Empowered Educator Offerings:
Each offering provides up to 10 hours of Act 48 credit.
Seminar 1 - Getting to Know Learner's Using Virtual Tools
The number of resources available on the internet can be daunting. Spend some time with us to Identify resources that you can use to engage learners in a virtual setting.
Learn with others to understand how the use of virtual tools can enhance your practices while fostering a welcoming and safe virtual environment for your learners. See how others create and communicate clear expectations for the virtual setting that excites students to participate in a respectful conversation that engages and empower learners.
Seminar 2 - Engaging Learner's Virtually
Participants will work alongside their peers to gain an understanding of the theories and strategies that making the virtual learning experience engaging and relevant. Using ISTE and iNacol standards, participants will dive into the experience of virtual learning with applications to create lessons/experiences for the classroom in a virtual/blended learning model. Live sessions (via the ZOOM virtual platform) will offer opportunities to see how experienced teachers use the virtual environment to engage authentic and rigorous learning.
Seminar 3 - Engaged and Empowered Learning
How can you communicate with the learners so that they are engaged? In this session, participants will identify and use activities throughout the class that engages learners in the virtual tools that support building relationships with your learner and content. Through examining strategies for listening and asking questions we will explore how we can create environments where students feel welcome, safe and empowered to learn.
Seminar 4 - Empowered Teaching - Tools and Strategies
In this course, you will explore what it means (and can look like) to provide a personalized learning environment. Discover how your role as an educator is transformed when learning is personalized. Also, you will begin to learn about competency-based education and see how it is used in some schools to provide a more personalized, learner-centered approach.

IU8 Leading Together - Courageous Conversations for Schools and School Leaders:
**Cost varies, based on the scope of school implementation.
This program aims to improve professional capacity, relational trust, collaboration, quality of instruction, and ultimately student outcomes. In alignment with the Educator Effectiveness Model, school and district leaders will receive ongoing training to support teachers through the implementation of regular meetings and support for participants within the professional learning community structure. These learning communities, both face-to-face and online, will provide opportunities to engage in current research and reflect on ways that these best practices can be implemented in schools.

In the 2014 report on the two-year Leading Together project, researchers identified it as a unique intervention, saying it "appears to be the only intervention that exists that brings principals, teachers, and other school staff together to pause, reflect, learn skills, and then, return to their school to produce change," (Rimm-Kaufman, Leis, & Paxton, 2014). The logic model reveals Leading Together (LT) to be a preventative - not reactive - approach to improving school climate, mainly by enhancing the adult community.

Schedule a demo with a World of Learning Network representative to see our courses in action

Our handbook offers more insight into how we operate our program.


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